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Welcome to the INtopFORM Resource Center. This resource center is to support faculty, staff, and students participating in the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Many of the resources included have been created or contributed by ETSU faculty and staff. We invite you to explore the resources gathered here for strategies, best practices, and learning objects to achieve information fluency.   

INtopFORM Wordle

Wordle: INtopFORM

Learning Outcomes for Information Fluency

Questioning  Students ask questions that facilitate the solution of problems and the pursuit of opportunities.

Seeking  Students identify information sources appropriate to questions of interest.

Evaluating Students apply critical thinking skills in evaluating information, information sources, and their own search processes.

Using  Students accumulate, synthesize and/or create information to address questions of interest.

Communicating  Students communicate information effectively.

Recognizing Students recognize the responsibilities and consequences related to information ethics and intellectual property.

Teaching & Learning

Sherrod Library Resources A collection of journal and book resources from the ETSU Sherrod Library collection supporting teaching and learning. 

Authentic Assessment Toolbox  by John Mueller, Professor of Psychology at North Central College in Illinois is an online text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics, and standards for measuring and improving student learning.  A wealth of examples to apply in and out of the classroom for real learning. 

POGIL Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning website.

CATME Smarter Teamwork  "is a system of secure, web-based tools that enable instructors to implement best practices in managing student teams."

Foundation for Critical Thinking  promotes "essential change in education and society through the cultivation of fairminded critical thinking." 

Faculty Fellowship Projects